When my daughter was a toddler, I realised that things had not changed much in terms of what picture books are available for African children. I decided that it was important for her to have books where she was reflected. The first book I wrote was A Kenyan Christmas. Kenya is an equatorial country and so in December it is the hot dry season. The books describes what it is like to have a hot Christmas with the Christmas family. The main character in the book Akinyi is like my daughter and lives animals so I kept writing and two books later Akinyi featured again in Baby Elephant’s Safari where she rescues an orphaned elephant. My daughter liked the fact that sales from the book went to supporting elephant conservation. A Kenyan Christmas can be bought here. Baby Elephant’s Safari can be bought here.

We bought 5 to give out as Christmas presents, everyone is loving it
— Jimena M.
Baby Elephant’s Safari is a charming tale that not only entertains but educates.
— Dawn B.